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Maintaining Your Conservatory


27 Mar 24

Maintaining Your Conservatory: Essential Conservatory Care Tips

A conservatory is a beautiful addition to any home, offering a seamless blend of indoor comfort with the beauty of outdoor living. However, regular maintenance and care are essential to ensure your conservatory remains a highlight of your home. This comprehensive guide provides practical advice on conservatory upkeep, from cleaning to climate control, ensuring your space remains beautiful, functional, and comfortable throughout the year.

Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

Glass Care

The glass in your conservatory is its crowning glory, especially in a modern glass-to-floor conservatory, allowing natural light to flood in and offering views of the outdoors. To keep it clear:

  • Use a non-abrasive glass cleaner and a soft cloth to avoid scratches.
  • Consider a telescopic window cleaner for hard-to-reach roof panels.
  • Tackle algae or moss growth with a diluted bleach solution, applying carefully to affected areas.

Frame Maintenance

Whether your conservatory frames are uPVC, wood, or aluminium, they require attention to remain in good condition:

  • uPVC frames should be cleaned with a gentle detergent to remove grime. Avoid abrasive cleaners that can damage the surface.
  • Wood frames need regular inspections for signs of rot or wear, with a fresh coat of paint or sealant applied as needed.
  • Aluminium frames benefit from occasional cleaning with soapy water, maintaining their sleek appearance without much fuss.

At Enhance Conservatories, all the conservatories and orangeries we install are constructed from uPVC thanks to its ideal balance of insulation, cost and aesthetics. 

Guttering and Drainage

a decorative cornice from the side of a bespoke conservatory

Clear gutters and drainage systems are vital to prevent water damage:

  • Regularly remove leaves and debris to ensure smooth water flow.
  • Check for and repair any leaks to avoid water ingress into the conservatory structure.

Temperature Control and Ventilation

Managing the temperature in your conservatory can make it a comfortable space all year round:

  • For Summer: Utilise blinds, reflective glass, and adequate ventilation to keep the space cool.
  • For Winter: Consider energy-efficient heaters, thick curtains, and draft excluders to retain warmth.
  • Automatic ventilation systems can regulate temperature and humidity levels, enhancing comfort.

Conservatory Roof Care

The roof of your conservatory faces the brunt of weather extremes, from scorching sun to heavy rain:

  • Inspect for and address leaks promptly to prevent damage.
  • Consider upgrading to a self-cleaning glass roof to reduce maintenance efforts.
  • Evaluate the benefits of replacing polycarbonate panels with glass or a solid roof for better insulation and aesthetics. We offer a comprehensive conservatory roof replacement service which can add years of enjoyment to your conservatory space. 

Interior Maintenance and Upkeep

The interior of your conservatory should be a reflection of your personal style and comfortable space for relaxation or entertainment:

  • Choose UV-resistant fabrics to prevent fading and deterioration.
  • Opt for easy-to-clean flooring materials, such as tiles or laminate, that can handle foot traffic and moisture.
  • Control humidity levels to protect plants and prevent mould growth, using dehumidifiers if necessary.

Upgrading Your Conservatory

Enhancing your conservatory can improve both its functionality and energy efficiency:

  • Modernise with smart glass technology or bi-folding doors for a contemporary feel.
  • Upgrade the glazing or add insulation to enhance energy efficiency.
  • For added comfort and style, integrate new design elements, such as lighting or heating solutions
  • Upgrade your conservatory an old roof for a modern, energy-efficient roofing system, such as a lightweight tiled roof or a high-performance glass roof.


Regular maintenance is key to ensuring your conservatory remains a valuable addition to your home. By following these care tips, you can enjoy your conservatory for many years to come, making it a perfect space for relaxation and enjoyment regardless of the season.

Ferquently Asked Questions

  1. How often should I clean my conservatory roof? Ideally, clean your conservatory roof every 4-6 months to prevent buildup of dirt and algae.
  2. What’s the best way to keep my conservatory cool in summer? Use reflective roof glass, shading blinds, and ensure adequate ventilation to maintain a comfortable temperature.
  3. Can I replace my conservatory roof with a solid one? Yes, replacing your conservatory roof with a solid one is possible and can improve insulation and usability of the space.
  4. How do I prevent condensation in my conservatory? Ensure good ventilation, use a dehumidifier, and keep a consistent temperature to reduce condensation.
  5. What maintenance is required for a uPVC conservatory? uPVC conservatories need regular cleaning with soapy water and occasional checks for seal integrity.
  6. How can I improve the energy efficiency of my conservatory? Upgrade to energy-efficient glazing, add roof insulation, and use thermal blinds to improve your conservatory’s energy efficiency.
  7. Are there modernising upgrades for older conservatories? Yes, consider smart glass, heating solutions, and modern flooring and furniture to bring your conservatory up to date.



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