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Gable-End conservatory showcasing a blend of classic design and modern functionality, with a light, open feel and sophisticated style.

Gable-End Conservatories

We install competitively priced Gable-End Conservatories across the North-East, Want to know more? Book your appointment today:

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Elevate Your Home with Our Gable-End Conservatories

Elevate your home with the architectural beauty of our Gable-End Conservatories. These structures offer a blend of classic design and modern functionality, making them a perfect choice for those seeking to add a touch of grandeur to their living space. Choose a Gable-End Conservatory and bring a sense of sophistication and style to your home.





Image of a Gable-End Conservatory with a distinctive, cathedral-like ambiance, featuring a high-pitched roof and vertical front, creating a spacious and majestic interior​

Bring a sense of grandeur to your property

A gable-end conservatory is a modification of the basic Edwardian design, replacing the hipped roof with a full ridge-height gable. For the same footprint and overall height, it offers a striking impression of extra space and height and has a light, open feel. The gable end can be impressive – imposing even – and is an ideal place for adding extras like feature glazing or sunburst designs.

A gable conservatory is the ideal way for you to bring a sense of grandeur to your property, with the high, vaulted roof capturing the eye while creating a bright and spacious feel.

Interior view of a Gable-End Conservatory, illustrating its thermally efficient design with expansive glazing for natural light, ensuring a warm and cozy atmosphere in winter and a cool environment in summer

Tiled Roofs

Glass Roofs

Livin' Roof System

Tiled Roofs

Glass Roofs

Livin' Roof System

Close-up of Super Insulated Columns in a Gable-End Conservatory, highlighting their superior thermal efficiency and modern aesthetic, which contributes to energy savings and durability

Gable-End Conservatory Features

Close-up of Super Insulated Columns in a Gable-End Conservatory, highlighting their superior thermal efficiency and modern aesthetic, which contributes to energy savings and durability view_column

Super Insulated Columns

Super Insulated Columns are engineered for superior thermal efficiency, being up to five times more effective than traditional brick columns, thus ensuring your space is warm in winter and cool in summer, leading to potential energy savings. Not only robust and durable to withstand diverse weather conditions, but they also add a sleek, modern aesthetic to any conservatory design.

Decorative Cornices on a Gable-End Conservatory, demonstrating their integration with the conservatory's style, providing a polished finish and concealing guttering and roofing edges for a sleek look​ assured_workload

Decorative Cornice

Decorative Cornices are designed to seamlessly integrate with the style of your conservatory, providing a refined and polished finish. Available in a variety of designs, they cater to both contemporary and traditional aesthetics, and play a practical role in concealing guttering and roofing edges, contributing to a sleek and uncluttered look.

Customized Gable-End Conservatory design tailored to specific property dimensions, showcasing how bespoke manufacturing ensures a seamless complement to individual home styles and tastes​ precision_manufacturing

Manufactured to Your Specifications

The gable-end designs are manufactured to your exact specifications, which ensures you will get the ideal fit for your property. This means that you’ll be able to get the exact fit for your home, based on precise specifications to help you bring bespoke quality to your home. With this in mind, you’ll be able to seamlessly complement both your home and your tastes.

A lean-to conservatory with a gabled front and a black tiled roof, attached to a red brick house. The conservatory has white frames, large windows, and French doors, nestled in a garden with potted plants and a neatly trimmed lawn door_sliding

Door Options

Gable-end conservatories can be enhanced with various door options to suit different styles and functional needs. Classic French doors add elegance, while sliding doors offer a sleek, modern look. For a more dramatic effect, Slimline bifold doors create a wide opening, merging the conservatory seamlessly with the outdoors. Each option enhances the conservatory’s appeal, accessibility, and enjoyment.


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Our ultimate aim is to help you live a better lifestyle. Thousands of customers across the North East have trusted us to do just that. But don’t take our word for it…

“Extremely happy with our Orangery from Enhanced. From start to finish the service and build have been excellent. The installers worked really hard and the office staff were great at keeping us updated throughout the full process making the whole experience stress free.”

Mr Shepard

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“Enhance were brilliant. The service throughout the build was second to none. The work was completed to a very high standard. All tradesmen were excellent and very friendly. We would highly recommend and wouldn’t go anywhere else for similar projects in future. Thanks, Enhance for a great job.”

Faye Warkman

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“Replaced conservatory roof. The job was complete satisfaction. The two workmen were friendly, efficient and cleaned up after themselves. Recommended.”

Customer in Sedgefield

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"They were efficient, polite, clean and tidy treating us and our home with respect. It was obvious that this is a local family firm with good values. No sub contractors are used. We are extremely satisfied and would use them again without question."

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Free quote and design service


Free quote and design service


How it works

Our expert team of specialists want you to have the conservatory of your dreams! We are always on hand throughout the whole journey from design to aftercare.




Architects plans




Brick Match


Brick match




Free design consultation

One of our experienced designers will visit your home to find out what you’re looking to do, and create a design that suits your home and your personal style. No obligation, no charge.

Exterior view of a gable-end conservatory with a distinctive triangular front, large windows, and a robust structure, showcasing a classic design that elegantly complements the adjoining house.

Architectural plan drawings

When you are happy with the design, we draw up full architectural plans. This ensures that work is completed to the highest standards, and every trade is on the same page throughout the build.rn

Modern conservatory upgrade featuring sleek glass panels and contemporary design elements, integrated with a traditional home to create a harmonious blend of old and new architectural styles.

We handle the paperwork

We handle all the paperwork and compliance, from planning permission and building regulations, to water board approval. We keep you updated while we take care of it for you.

Spacious and well-lit interior of a conservatory showing comfortable seating arrangements, large windows with a view of the garden, and a modern, airy design conducive to relaxation and leisure.

Brick Match

We match your new conservatory, orangery or extension to the brickwork of your existing house. It’ll blend seamlessly, as if it was always there!

Beautifully designed conservatory attached to a house, featuring a seamless blend of brickwork and glass panels, with a pitched roof and elegant design that enhances the overall aesthetic of the home.

It's time to build

Our highly skilled and friendly team carry out the build with minimal disruption to you. All of our trades are in-house, so you get the same great Enhance Conservatories treatment from everyone that walks through the door.

Modern replacement conservatory roof in the North East, showcasing a sleek, updated design with durable materials, enhancing the conservatory's appearance and functionality.


Our service doesn’t end once the project is complete as we provide first-class aftercare for anything you might need. Any problems, we’ll fix them straight away.

Elegant conservatory with a new tiled roof, seamlessly integrating with the existing structure, providing a stylish and practical upgrade that enhances both the appearance and insulation of the space

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  • What is a Gable-End Conservatory?

    A Gable-End Conservatory is a style of conservatory characterized by its vertical front roof, creating a triangular gable end. This design offers a spacious feel with high ceilings and maximizes natural light. It’s known for its elegant, symmetrical appearance and is a popular choice for adding a classic touch to modern and traditional homes.

  • How does a Gable-End Conservatory differ from other conservatory styles?

    The main difference lies in the roof design. Unlike the sloping roof of a Lean-to or the faceted front of a Victorian conservatory, a Gable-End Conservatory has a vertical front roof that forms a triangle, offering a distinct, grand appearance and a feeling of increased space.

  • Are Gable-End Conservatories energy efficient?

    Yes, our Gable-End Conservatories are designed with energy efficiency in mind. They feature advanced glazing options and insulation materials to maintain a comfortable temperature year-round, reducing energy costs and enhancing the conservatory’s overall efficiency.

  • How much does a Gable-End Conservatory cost?

    The cost of a Gable-End Conservatory varies depending on factors like size, materials, and customization options. We provide personalized quotes based on your specific requirements to ensure you get the best value for your investment.

  • Is planning permission required for a Gable-End Conservatory?

    In many cases, Gable-End Conservatories fall under permitted development and don’t require planning permission. However, this depends on factors like the size of the conservatory and the type of property. We recommend checking with your local planning authority or our team for guidance.

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